Oil Purification Machine & Service

With our state-of-the-art designed mobile oil purification machine, we are capable of performing offline cleaning on most lubricant oils such as Hydraulic Oils, Gear Oils, Transmission Oils with ease. The Oil Purification Machine removes and prevents contamination and water from forming in the lubricant oil. 

oil analysis
Oil Analysis Service​

To ensure the efficacy of the oil that you're using, a thorough oil analysis is required to identify and inspect the properties that may either help machines perform better or understand the degradation the oil made.

Consultancy Services​

In order to paint the bigger picture on how companies are able to reuse, recycle and reduce the purchase of new oil, we provide the right consultanct required to ensure you're optimizing the resources at hand, hence minimizing spending.

oil cleaning
Oil Cleaning Services​

The last key step in keeping the performance of the machines is to purify the oil it uses via Wiramas's state-of-art filtration processes. Capable of removing contamination up to 1-micron in size and removing water entirely, it helps solve the formation of sulphuric acid that causes heavy wear and tear of machines.​

Advantages of the machines offered:

  1. Designed with flexibility in mind whereby small to large quantities of lubricant oil sump capacities can be catered with different machines.
  2. Is fitted with non-pressurized & pressurized capabilities. In situations where the oil sump is out of reach or simply hazardous to have any running equipments, far-reaching hoses can be retrofitted to ensure distant purification be achieved.
  3. As the name suggests, being mobile to be deployed in all types of situations is key in our cleaning services. Do contact us for full understanding of our services.

Mobile Oil Purification Machine

There are various mobile oil purification machines, which may be used, for example, direct cleaning from the sump tank or collected lubricant oil in drums or tanks. These units consist of an adjustable electric pump, pre-heater and a control panel.

Oil Purification Machine

GHH 180H

40 Litres/hour
Capacity: 2000 Litres

Oil Purification Machine


40 Litres/hour
Capacity: 2000 Litres

Oil Purification Machine


80 Litres/hour
Capacity: 4000 Litres

Oil Purification Machine


120 Litres/hour
Capacity: 6000 Litres

For purifying Engine Oil, kindly refer to this list of machines.

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